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A major focus for the Folly Consulting staff since 2005 has been participation in a project to improve access to the Internet in communications challenged areas.  The Sámi Network Connectivity Project (SNC)   has been researching ways to use Delay Tolerant Networking to allow populations of Sámi reindeer herders in high Arctic Sweden to benefit from the Internet in regions where reliable wired, wireless and satellite communications are unavailable.  The solutions are intended to allow the population to maintain their culture and way of life while enhancing their business opportunities and among it possible for futiure generations to continue their education from their natural environment rather than needing to migrate to urban centres.

Subsequently we have been closely involved in a consortium of 12 partners creating the proposal for a European Comission Framework Programme (FP7)  project to continue the work of SNC.  This project has been offered funding and is expected to start on 1 May 2008 subject to final negotiations between the consortium and the Commission.  The Networking for Communications Challenged Communities (N4C) project will develop an architecture which integrates regions using Delay Tolerant Networking into the conventional Internet.  It will go on to demonstrate, through large scale field trials, a number of applications that would support business models for enterprises in regions that do not benefit  from conventional Internet infrastructure.

Folly Consulting is scheduled to lead the work package of N4C that develops the architecture of the solution and  also expects to participate in several other activities over the three year duration of the project.

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