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Sympa Mailing List Manager Virtual Host Configuration

As part of our work preparing for the EC Framework Programme N4C project, we have deployed the Sympa mailing list manager.   The system is highly capable, and very useful for our purposes.  However, starting from scratch to produce a somewhat unusal configuration with some enhancements proved 'interesting'.  The experiences have been documented since a number of other people seem to have been struggling with similar problems.  Find the document and some modified code here.


Delay- and Disruption-Tolerant Networking

Delay-Tolerant Networking: Moving Towards Real-World Deployment: Given at Information Society 2011, Ljubljana conference on 12 October 2011.


The image at the head of these pages, entitled 'Folly Speaks', is adapted from an illustration drawn by Hans Holbein the Younger probably around 1511.  It was one of a number that Holbein originally drew in the margins of an essay 'The Praise of Folly' written by his schoolmaster Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam in 1509.  It was engraved and has appeared in a number of reprintings of this famous essay.  Several of these are now in the public domain and facsimiles are freely available on a number of web sites including that of the Erasmus Text Project.


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